"I found Fiona's style of teaching easy to understand, her instructions were clear and precise and she has the experience to lead any budding singer through their paces. An enjoyable and fun ongoing experience"

(Helen J., vocal student)

The First Notes
Singing Experience  

Fiona found her voice at the age of 10 and has been singing professionally in and around Australia for over twenty years. From the Opera House and clubs of Sydney to backing vocalist for Australian singing star Wendy Matthews in Melbourne and even performing at the historical Great Northern Hotel at Byron Bay, she has had a ball. Wedding Singer, Rock Chick, Lead and Backing singer: she's been there. 


"I can't explain what singular thing I love most about the voice: maybe that no ONE voice is the same, or perhaps that there are a million ways to sing a song. What I do know is I love to sing, I love listening to others singing, I have a real passion and deep respect for the craft, and I would be honoured to help you find your voice and your love of singing too".

(Fiona Beattie) 

Piano Experience  

Fiona began playing the piano at the age of 4. By the end of high school, she had completed all AMEB piano grades, performing classics and composing originals for her final school exams. By age 20, she had gained the highly recognised Trinity College Piano Certificate. Though having turned her gaze towards voice training at that time, piano has always been her first musical love and she finds it easy to lose hours when seated at the keys.

"It is an amazing, ever-versatile instrument that anyone can pick up with time, persistence and good guidance.  I teach beginner piano with a strong sense of fun and positivity. After all, why are you learning piano?"

(Fiona Beattie)

MIX Singing
The "Mix" Singing Technique 

"By mixing the chest and head voice you receive the full benefits of “both voices:” the natural and powerful sound of the chest voice, and the beauty and range of the head voice. As a singer learns to sing using both of these resonances and trains the vocal folds to stay together, it is possible to vocalize smoothly and evenly from one register to the next. Depending on how these two resonances are “mixed,” a variety of sounds can be created and all styles of music can be accommodated. A sound that is natural and unaffected throughout the entire vocal range can be used in ALL styles of singing". (IVTOM)​​

Fiona Beattie
Founder's Comments  

"The love of music is something we all share. From childhood nursery rhymes before we can utter our first words, to songs that take us straight back to memories long past: music is something that unites people all around the world and ignites feelings that we all understand. Therefore, I truly feel it is an honour to provide people with the opportunity to learn this universal language".